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Worms and Parasites

Ideas for these monthly emailings to you are often initiated from experiences (yours, mine) and in this case, the dog’s – yes, Orion, had tapeworms, which can be transmitted to us humans. Surprisingly, one of the natural treatments for dogs is the same for us humans.

One of the most common of all digestive problems is caused by worms and parasites. Certain practitioners put various labels on these various categories. Parasites enter our bodies through our own contaminated hands when we handle things polluted by the eggs or the larva, and from the foods we ingest. Meat is probably one of the biggest contributors of parasites to the body. Some other ways of getting parasites is through handling animals and pets — dogs and cats, birds and almost every creature which lives outside; and can be a carrier.

Parasites are any type of worm or other creature, from amoebas, which are virtually microscopic, to tapeworms, ringworms, and pinworms that can use our bodies as a host. It is very important that we keep these out of our bodies if possible because they take away our vital energy and stamina.

Some of the most common symptoms of parasites are: not being able to sleep easily at night, gritting of the teeth during sleep and even when awake, and constant coughs. Also, certain types of skin diseases such as eczema and acne and those things that make our teenagers suffer are quite frequently caused by parasites and the effects of parasites in the system.

In order to get rid of worms and parasites, we must first find and remove the cause. We will usually find this in our daily living habits, in the food we eat and in our personal hygiene. Constipation contributes greatly to the parasite problem. One of the best ways I’ve found to get rid of parasites in the body is to fast on fruit for several days, however, I do recommend eating pumpkin seeds. I use about a half pound to a pound a day of pumpkin seeds along with drinking fruit juices such as apple juice or grape juice. Also, drink plenty of fennel seed tea, senna seed tea , wormwood tea or any other herbal teas which tend to eliminate and rid the body of parasites – the more the better!

This information was taken from the book:
YOUR COLON: ITS CHARACTER. CARE AND THERAPY by Stan Malstrom, N.D., M.T., and Jared Brown
and the pamphlet FOOD FANATICS by Dr. G. Roy Lockwood, B.A., Th.D., FRGS

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