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Winter 2022 Newsletter

It’s a new year! We discovered during these past 20 months how resilient we are, how much we value time with loved ones and the many other blessings from this ‘Covid Cloud’. As we are still very much in the Winter months, I wanted to share with you the time-tested Get Well Tea, our new Dream Serene, an excerpt from the new Landmark Study, the new Triple Boost Defense and please find enclosed the new price sheet.

Linda in her Garden
Terry & Orion back from cycling

In 2007, Landmark Study I was conducted by Dr. Gladys Block, renowned nutrition researcher and Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health Nutrition. This study included 3 groups: Shaklee users for 20 years, Brand X users, and those who used no supplements at all. The results revealed that Shaklee users had markedly better health (if you would like to receive the results of the Landmark Study I, please contact me.)

Landmark Study II reveals 97% of Shaklee users use less Rx than population

Dr. Brooks (Shaklee’s Executive Vice President for R&D) revealed the Shaklee group use of prescriptions in Landmark II:

  • 20-39 year-olds used 97% less medications
  • 40-59 year-olds used 89% less medication
  • Those over 60 used 83% less medications
  • The Shaklee participants also experienced a 90% lower risk of cardiac arrest and a 52% lower prevalence of developing diabetes.
  • The original Landmark study reported a very low (2.9%) incidence of diabetes in the 300 Shaklee participants.

From our readers…

Hit, car totaled, but driver doing well

“Saturday afternoon I was rear ended sitting at a light waiting to make a left hand turn. I never saw the car coming because I was focused on traffic in front of me. Wham! There are no tread marks. The girl pulled up a bit and asked if I was okay then drove off. Two different drivers followed her. Ironically, she drove a car with a flat right front tire and no water pump for over a mile and within a block of my house.

As usual I dove into my Shaklee and have felt very good. Pain relief, Recovery, chewable cal mag, stress, alfalfa, VitalMag, plus everything else I take. I had eaten an hour before and taken Shaklee. I know it kicked because I felt no pain.

The Ford Fusion did its job and protected me. It is totaled because she hit me well above the 25 mph speed limit. The frame is damaged, but it absorbed the impact. I thought I am okay and that is what matters. Folks were so kind and caring. The police never came because 911 said they were busy. I wasn’t bleeding or anything. After sitting over an hour a lad called the firetrucks. They came and moved my car. An ambulance came. I went to the hospital to be checked. Today I will see my chiropractor for a thorough exam. Yesterday morning I went to the pool for stretching. Later today I will go to personal training. Of course, Shaklee has done its job.

I take Life Shake with Soy Protein for protein. Have stepped it up as you urged when I was told about sleep apnea. I have lost 5 pounds, as one recommendation was lose 10% of one’s weight.” – Mary Jane C.

Nipping a cold in the bud…

“I love the boost drink. Felt a cold coming on and took that with two zinc, two Vita C and voila! gone . Been having that for the past two days and those cold feelings have vanished.” – Nancy L.

(the boost drink Nancy is referring to is The Triple Defense Boost. It’s delicious too!)

The Shaklee Difference

Nutritional Pioneer

  • 1st multi-vitamin in the U.S.
  • 1st plant-based protein supplement in the world

Scientific Innovator

  • 110+ clinical studies
  • Landmark study
  • 70+ patents/patents pending

Performance-level quality

  • Shaklee-powered athletes have won 151 Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medals
  • Shaklee has been on every NASA space mission for the last 25 years
  • All Products are 100% guaranteed

Sustainability Leader

  • 1st company in the world to be carbon neutral
  • Created the first official Earth Day product
  • Partnered with Nobel Peace Laureate, Dr. Maathai on the initiative to plant 1 million trees

Other good news: 250,000 new members in 2020! People are looking for quality products. Shaklee has the highest retention in the industry Shaklee’s come with 100% guarantee…that’s right…even if a bottle is returned totally empty, you are refunded. There is an average of < 1/3 of 1/10th returns.

Very first company to offset carbon pollution becoming the first certified Climate Neutral Company.

Barb Herman’s Get Well Tea

5 Alfalfa
3-4 Chewable Vitamin C
2 Herb Lax
3 Garlic
2 OsteoMatrix
1-2 Defend & Resist Complex
1-2 Stomach Soother

Boil hot water – makes 2 full cups. Add honey. Drink 1 cup every 2 hours.

For pneumonia, Barb also drank 4 Protein shakes along with her normal supplements and in addition took 24 garlic, 24 500mg Vitamin C, 2 Immunity Formula and 2 extra CarotoMax per day. Went to bed and rested and within 2 days had the pneumonia in check.

Sweet Dreams…

New! Dream Serene #21400
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