Winter 2021 Newsletter

As we move into this New Year, may it be a gentler and kinder year. May it be one that we can look back and reflect on the lessons learned and be most grateful for those lessons…experiences for our soul’s growth.

I am truly grateful for you… my Shaklee family. Hard to believe that I’ve known some of you for 40 wonderful years! And I thank you for allowing me into your life and into your family’s life. It is an immeasurable gift you have blessed me with. Thank you.

You know my story but do you know the story of the infant born consumptive (tuberculosis) deemed to die by 4 physicians? At best, the Dr. said his short life would be like a ‘living death’. His parents refused that prognosis and moved their gray, nearly lifeless baby from the soot-polluted town of Carlisle, Iowa to the clean country air of Northern Iowa. His childhood was spent as a convalescent. We’ll call him FS.

1914: World War I begins

1918: The Spanish Flu
approx. 50 million die

1929: Great Depression

1939-45: WWII

1950: Korean War

1960-75: Vietnam War

1915: FS is 21; developed “Vitalized Minerals”. Graduates from Palmer School of Chiropractics. Studies under first known chiropractor in the world, Dr. Daniel David Palmer. Opens own clinic & marries.

1917: at 23, first son is born

1918: Opened HEALTH CENTER with 15 bed sanatorium & 32 treatment rooms. On staff: chiropractors, osteopaths, internists, general practitioners & surgeons.
Purchases a Curtis airplane to serve patients within 100 mile radius, becoming first flying doctor in Iowa.

1921: at 27, X-ray exposure (risk unknown) result: CANCER. Mayo Clinic diagnosed: TERMINAL CANCER. Only TX? Amputate arm & Leg. Instead, FS sold clinic, moved back to a farm and began intensive dietary program of fresh foods direct from the soil and supplemented with therapeutic doses of his own “Vitalized Minerals” (later called Liqui Lea). Also, created a combination of 9 herbs to detoxify & heal – Herb Lax. Several months passed with no improvement, but from his Mom he learned to “Persevere when things appear impossible.”

2nd son is born

1927: at 28, he’s completely healed. Mayo Clinic acknowledges a remarkable and astonishing full remission.

1929: at 35, clinic burns to ground so invented “first mobile home” & travelled with his family. Moved to Oakland, CA & establishes another clinic.

1931: age 37: Always a student, receives DOCTOR OF NATURAPATHY diploma

1939-45: FS becomes licensed short-wave radio operator & trained radio operators for submarines

1941: age 47. Beloved wife is struck down & killed by young drunk, uninsured driver.

1943: age 49: retires from clinic & purchases 420 acre ranch in CA

1945: age 51: sells ranch & continues his research, writing & preaching becoming renowned radio personality & listeners want his “Vitalized Minerals.”

1955-56: age 61 starts a business with his 2 sons – “SHAKLEE PRODUCTS” became an entity with a 100% commitment to make products that improve the health of people without harming the planet!

1986: age 91: passes

Fast forward to 2020 – 105 years after the creation of “Vitalized Minerals”. Shaklee has a BBB A+ rating and operates in 7 countries: US, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Founded on the Golden Rule, integrity & quality, no product is introduced unless it is the best.

So we’ve spoken about gratitude but what does this have to do with our soul?
As you’ve read from Dr. Shaklee’s story, nothing deterred him from his soul’s call.
He was a student of life as we all are and it is up to each of us to listen and to follow that which brings JOY to our lives.

As we begin this New Year, let’s move forward together with patience, prayer and
perseverance. You and I are still here… that means our work is not done!

Carry on with joy in your heart.

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