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Winter 2020 Newsletter

As we begin 2020 and I begin my 39th year with Shaklee, I am deeply grateful for you and I thank you for being in my Shaklee Family.

This year brings about a major change for Terry & I ~ it is time to down-size. For each of you who have already undertaken this massive process, just let me say I have great respect for you and admire your courage. Definitely not an easy task, but a necessary one. This home is just too big for the two of us and one furry 4-legged. Orion is now 3 and is a happy, certified working therapy dog. He and I mostly work with teens at risk and also help out de-stressing college students during finals week.

Now, we won’t be moving far ~ just a little North to Encinitas and we’ll most likely acquire a P.O. box. Terry will have a little bit more of a commute but then again, that equals more training for him. And as soon as I know, I’ll let you know. Phone and email will remain the same.

Oh, let me share with you an idea for this New Year. It’s something I’ve been working on after hearing Brother Balananda include it in a Sunday service.

On the left side of the paper, list the behaviors or attitudes that you would like to improve in self. And across from that…write the positive opposite. If not certain, he suggested just asking a loved one or friend.

Well, I began with…

I’m impatient…………….I’m patient

And yes, I have a list, but here’s the thing… don’t move on to the next on the list until the first one is achieved. I’m patiently awaiting moving onto #2.

From our readers…

“I am 45 and “lack of energy” was a major issue … I would come to a total “stand still”. Dr. Brouse said, based on my bloodwork, I needed to take B Complex. Once I started taking his recommended 6 a day, my energy level sky rocketed. And whenever I do hit a wall I take the B vitamins immediately and in a few minutes I can function.” Lori S

B Complex is my anti-depressant; I use two first thing every morning and two more if needed early afternoon. I am able to handle every day with better behavior, think before I speak and stay calmer. It is a huge help to my mental stability.” Alohanna J

B Complex #20186 (120 tabs) #20194 (240 tabs)

“My triglycerides were 290 when I decided to give Shaklee a try. I took 6 Shaklee OmegaGuard and 8 Lecithin daily for one month. My triglycerides dropped to half of what they had been (145). My doctor could NOT believe these results were possible without medication! I’m thanking God.” Don V

OmegaGuard #22078 (180 softgels) #22077 (30 softgels)

Prostate Health: Support for Men Over 40

“A healthy athletic gentleman in his early 70’s regularly took products for his prostate, but he was still up numerous times a night. After receiving the Shaklee Saw Palmetto as a gift, he returned asking to purchase more. Now, at most, he’s up once a night. His comment: ‘All I can say is … IT WORKS’ “ – Bonnie

Saw Palmetto #20607 (60 Caps)

Designed to work better together

Optiflora Pearl
Helps promote intestinal health and digestive balance. Patented triple-layer encapsulation for guaranteed live delivery of probiotics to the large intestine.

Optiflora Prebiotic complex Powder
Helps maintain healthy digestive balance and provides nutrients to feed friendly bacteria OPTIFLORA DI Clinically proven probiotic for digestive and immune health.

Probiotic Pearl #20639 Prebiotic Complex Powder #20638 Two-Product System #80638 Optiflora DI Probiotic Complex Capsule #21320

“When my husband was found to have COPD, I started giving him a double dose (4 pills) a day of NutriFeron. Then when his tests with the pulmonary specialist started getting better, he reduced his dosage to 2 pills a day. He still has some breathing problems but his last test showed normal numbers. He is also trying to walk every day and is more careful with his diet.

I was diagnosed with having a thyroid problem 44 years ago and I have been on Synthroid ever since. I have been faithful about getting a physical with blood tests once a year. Throughout all those years, the dosage of Synthroid has never gone down… UNTIL I started taking Nutriferon (a single dose). The doctor gradually started lowering my dosage of Synthroid to the point where I am now taking .123 MG a day. Also, I have been on Benicar 20 MG for high blood pressure. The need for this drug is also being reduced … the doctor said to split the pill and take half a pill a day.

My husband and I are going to continue taking Nutriferon, since we are convinced it is helping us with overall health. I started taking Nutriferon to boost my immune system and it has done so much more.” – Connie P

How does NutriFeron work and what does it do in the body?

Interferon is crucial to a healthy immune function. The body makes interferon, but as we get older it makes less and less, putting us more at risk for diseases. World-renowned immunologist Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima spent decades screening hundreds of botanicals to identify natural interferon boosters, creating the exclusive MACH® blend used in NutriFeron.

Shaklee NutriFeron boosts the body’s natural production of interferon and provides immune support at the cellular level. This patented product is a Shaklee exclusive and available ONLY through Shaklee.

Remember, Springtime is around the corner awaiting all of your discoveries.

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