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What is Your Destiny?

Four Pillars Chart

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Only YOU came into this world with the pre-birth energy of your parents, on a selected day, time, month, year and geographic location.  Did you know within your birthday lies a treasure of information to help you understand self, others, relationships, finances, and events?  This is based on ancient Chinese science and is called Four Pillars of Destiny.

We, you, me – all of humanity are composed of these five elements… the same five elements of the Universe. Our body and soul is a micro-universe; part of this macro-universe.  And each of us is composed of these five elements.

However, less than 1% are born in harmony and balance.  It is this very imbalance that creates disharmony and suffering within, leading to sickness, sadness, and misfortune.  Healing also comes from within, resulting in happiness, contentedness, and inner peace.

How do we know what our individual composition looks like?  That secret lies within your birthday.  Through understanding your Four Pillars of Destiny Chart, you’ll know self better; know how to solve problems better and make better decisions.  You’ll learn how to bring in the energy of the element/s your chart is lacking.

This system is so beautiful.  Through having your birth chart analyzed, you’ll feel empowered, as you have gained the understanding of how these basic laws work within self, others and indeed in all of the Universe.

And when we understand the Nature of the five elements, everything in life begins to make so much sense, and with that comes inner peace and a knowing.

Readings are done in person or by phone.  Allow me to use my gifts to help you discover yours.

“Linda is an amazing alternative and intuitive healer.  She puts her whole heart and soul into helping those who seek out her expertise.  I recently met with Linda to get help with ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘where’ questions I had regarding future life paths.  Through my chart she taught me what my balancing elements were to bring more balance into my life, and she opened my eyes to various options I had not thought of before, which in turn helped to answer my questions.  I am more clear now as to what changes I need to make or what I need to pursue in order to achieve the fulfillment I am seeking.”     – Laurel N, San Diego

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