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TOXINS: Which one is the worst?

It was in correspondence that the seed for this was firmly planted and germination began.  So, let me ask you which toxin would you identify as the very worst?  Would it be methane gas, radiation poisoning, mercury & lead poisoning, household bleaches, or could it be something else?

It is true that in the U.S., household bleach is the #1 cause of accidental poisoningsLaundry products can cause burns or even death. Automatic Dishwasher Concentrate can cause severe pain in the throat, severe pain in nose, eyes, ears, lips, and loss of vision.

But these are easy ones to eradicate.  Replacing with the ecologically-sound, effective, and safe products like our Dish Washer Automatic Concentrate, Laundry products, and replacing Lysol with Basic G (germicide).  If you would like our Power Formula and other formulas, please contact me.  The Shaklee products have been used on Jacque Cousteau vessels for decades now.



This is good. We’ve replaced some indoor pollutants with safe-breathing products.

We can calm our nerves and soothe our brains with Protein, B-Complex, Stress Relief Complex, & OmegaGuard.

And this too is most beneficial as is drinking a sufficient amount of purified water daily, eating quality organic fruits and vegetables, sustainable-raised fish, whole grains, ethical eggs, nuts & seeds, exercising… but have you guessed yet as to the #1 stress on our bodies?

Over 95% of all dis-eases have their root in an emotional stress.  Think of the emotions that are linked to stress:  anger, frustration, sadness, depression, worry, over-thinking, too excitable.  Yes, the worst toxin of all does not come from outside of us, but rather from within with the thoughts we’re sending this amazing body that has worked so hard for us.  Find anything, regardless of how small it may seem and be grateful for that.

A wonderful practice is standing in front of that mirror and telling self: “I Love you”.  In July’s issue, we’ll further explore an ancient Hawaiian practice of Forgiveness and Healing.  In the meantime, continue to add to the grateful list and continue talking to self with loving kindness.

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