The Heart Particle – is it the root cause of dis-ease?

Higgs Bosen, God Particle

Can the Heart Particle, sometimes referred to as the God Particle be the root cause of disease?  What is it?  When was it first discovered?  Is it truly the same micro-particle that Western Physicists began research on in the 50’s and 60’s; the same micro-particle that has been in Chinese teachings for thousands of years?  That’s for you to decide.

It was one of my neighbors, a retired scientist, who first introduced me to the ‘God Particle’ some years ago.  Then later in Grandmaster Fu’s Level III course on ‘Yi Jing and Heart Energy: Distinctive Healing Method’ he says: “Finding the root of a problem is not found in the physical, but in the Heart Particle.  Every disease has a root cause.” 

This course receives 6 CEU’s at the Hong Kong University in the Psychology department.  Why is it important to find the root cause?  I’ve been helping people with nutritional support programs for nearly 40 years.  Most individuals’ health has improved measuredly and yet some individuals didn’t receive the desired results.  Suggesting other therapies & dietary changes that would complement their program and still for some individuals the pain remained. What was I missing?

This heart particle can move very quickly. It can change over 200,000 times in one second and is found in every cell of our bodies.  If it is truly the root cause of disease and we do not identify and clear that heart particle, we continue to treat symptoms.  Here are some examples that Grandmaster Fu shared in class:

  1. If Gallbladder is removed, maybe 1 -2 years later, another problem develops. Once gallbladder is removed, may not be able to make decisions as well
  1. Any kind of pain = hate
  1. Each organ has a related emotion; for ex. Liver’s emotion is anger and the location of the dis-ease indicates the ‘who’ or ‘what’ we’re dealing with.
  1. Diabetics are usually over-helpers

We each have a different Nature and a different destiny. For now, let’s explore how to discover this Spiritual part, this root cause of every dis-ease. Dr. Celia Tom, OMD, L.Ac. and Master Qigong teacher states: “Emei Qigong uses a heart-centered philosophy and teaches techniques that clear negative issues from the past, creating a fresh basis for one’s future behavior, actions and consciousness. True Qigong is a way of life.”

manypathsonedestinationThere are many paths to reach a mountain’s summit.  You must choose which path is best for you.  For me, the Emei Qigong is a powerful healing modality; its treasure chest filled with healing techniques.

For most of us, first learning what our Nature is, why we do the things we do, helps so much in understanding self. Through knowing your date, time and location of birth, a personal chart is created, the elemental energy to balance that chart is determined and which healing techniques would best serve you at this present time.  You’ll learn much about self through this chart analysis.  You can learn more about this by visiting https://lindaflachcorl.com/emei-qigong. The sessions are private one on one phone consultations led by Spirit and Intuition.

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