Summer 2021 Newsletter

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It is the summer of 2021 and no doubt we may be looking at this summer with more gratitude in our hearts; more appreciation for life and our loved ones. Dr. Shaklee’s quote for the day is most applicable: “Live each hour of this day to the full. Waste not a single moment of thought upon the unpleasant happenings of the past.”

Let us embrace each moment finding the joy, smiling at those we don’t know (& do know) and laughing often. In this ever changing theatre of life, it is good to hold onto some things that stay consistent. Please find in this summer edition, some of my favorite products for staying refreshed on those hot, humid days.

Enjoy each day!

Those burning rays come straight through the clouds

“Love this sunscreen and have been using it for years. My kids are teenagers and this is the only sunscreen we use even to this day! Love it and will only use this for our sun protection!” – Dawn

“Great! Have been using this sunscreen for many years. The only sunscreen I want to use. Have a cousin with very sensitive skin & this is the only sunscreen she can use.” – Virginia

“My Favorite sunscreen! I love this sunscreen! It is like a rich moisturizer, never greasy and has a very nice smell. It does not have that sunscreen smell. I use it every morning after my shower to protect my skin.” – Charlotte

7-Day Healthy Cleanse

“My step mom, Jeanette Smith, has been telling me about the benefits of Shaklee for years. After trying other products and fad diets, I finally decided to give Shaklee a try and I am SO glad I did!

I have completed my 7-Day Cleanse and I am feeling ‘wonderful!’ I have truly noticed a huge difference and also lost 8 pounds! The pain in my knees are gone and I no longer feel bloated and have heartburn. I feel amazing and will continue to make gains as I continue on the program!

I absolutely love my Shaklee products and so glad I decided to take the Prove It Challenge.” – Shaunda


“Recently I asked my husband, “Of all the vitamins Shaklee has to offer, is there one that is helpful for boosting my mood?”

He said, “Yes! B Complex”. I was so excited to try it because I was feeling a little down. I took 3 in the morning and 3 in the late afternoon, and the positive impact was almost immediate. I really felt that I had both more energy and felt happier. I have been calling it my “B” happy vitamin! I was so surprised by my own results I looked up other benefits and discovered there’s a long list.” – Wendy

A few other benefits: healthy hair, skin, nails, cardiovascular, cell renewal etc.

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

“Shaklee hand sanitizer is the only one I know of with a moisturizer! I gave some to a cousin for Christmas who also teaches piano, and she was happy, because her hands get rough from so much washing.” – Diane L.

Let’s close with some inspiring words from Dr. Shaklee

“Expect to win. The expectation will set a pattern for your accomplishment.”

“Life is a venture and should be planned with utmost care.”

“Life is a venture and should be planned with utmost care.”

“You keep that which you give away.”

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