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Summer 2020 Newsletter

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Summer is here! Each season brings its gifts and challenges. For you, in this edition, are ways to keep your hands (all of your skin actually) soft; how to keep the body well hydrated; how to keep our home environment Springtime fresh so that you feel secure in knowing that what you touch; what you use is safe for you, your kids, your pets.

First, let’s hear from our readers:

“I have sent my kids Nutriferon, Meadow Blend, and Enfuselle Hand and Body lotion. I find that Shaklee soaps, even with all the hand washing is kind to the skin. Also though, the lotion applied after the washing is very beneficial to people like us who use their hands a lot.” – Diane

“I checked with the cruise rep and destination before leaving for coronavirus updates. At the time we departed,the virus was not widely spread. By the end of the week,everything had accelerated. We were very careful to sanitize things- took Germ Off wipes for the plane. So far, all of us have stayed well. Many supplements help too!” – Diane


Coming next year, Germ Off Wipes will be Germ Off+ Wipes. Updated with a new sanitizing agent that provides microbial efficacy and shorter kill times, with no rinse required on food surfaces, making it more convenient.

Basic-G – Coming next year, Basic-G will become Basic-G+! Updated with a new sanitizing agent that provides microbial efficacy and shorter kill times. The new formula is also effective against some of the most relevant pathogens today, such as norovirus. Note: limit of Basic G when available is 5 bottles.

Get Clean Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer (#32593)
An antibacterial hand gel with plant-based moisturizers so your skin stays soft and protected. Kills 99.99% of germs*

Note: This product can only be shipped via FedEx Ground to street addresses. It cannot be shipped to any P.O. Box, or to Hawaii or Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and APO/FPO addresses. Adult signature required for receipt. To meet increased demand, Get Clean® Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is limited to 3 units per customer every 28 days.

Herbal Blend Cream #39078
Feet, dry areas, elbows, knees daily
Get Clean Hand Wash #00191
Dispenser #50408
Lemon-Lime #21308

Orange #21309
Used by Top Athletes
and NASA
For children, dilute in half

Thank you for your continued patience with our back-ordered products. Please know, due to the high demand, some products are also limited in the quantity available for purchase per ID per month. Nutriferon will continue to be 1 per ID per month for a while yet.

New & Improved Formulations for ProSanté Hair Products

We’re excited to let you know about enhancements to two of our ProSanté hair care formulations. A reformulation of our shampoo and conditioner leverages advances in hair care technology and wholesome botanicals to cleanse and nourish hair.

The new formulas have been fully tested by several Leaders in the Field and are now ready for you and your customers to enjoy.

Here’s what members of our Field test group had to say about the enhanced formulations for these two products:

“I tried the new products and I loved the consistency, the smell, and the way they lathered and worked in my hair. I get lots of compliments on my hair health, including from my hair stylist. These new products provided great moisture, shine and revitalization. Because they come from Shaklee, I know they’re the best for my scalp and for the overall health of my hair.” ~ Michele Lyon

“I couldn’t believe how little I used and how long it lasted. I liked the fresh, clean scent. I have very fine hair, so most shampoos are too heavy. I found my hair easy to manage.” ~ Lynn Benevento

Total right hip replacement

“I came home from the hospital with a bag of six different medications to take. Of the six, I chose only to take the two St Joseph Baby aspirin per day. Everything else I take is Shaklee. Pain relief, Recovery, Protein drink, Vivix, vitamin B, C and D, Nutriferon, Cal Mag! I am not doing drugs. I am walking, exercising, and take care of myself. Having good bowel movements.

Linda, I made up my mind that I am not going to feel sick, constipated and druggy feeling. I am alert working hard on recovery with the help of Shaklee. Moving forward in my recovery. Lots of love” – Mary Jane

Pelvis broken in two places

“I own a horse ranch in Madras , OR. Last spring, I had an accident and broke my pelvis in two places.

My Shaklee Rep. encouraged me to try the Physique & Vita Lea Gold. Well, I was walking without a walker in three weeks, off my crutches by five weeks and returned to riding by month four. It was an unbelievable recovery.

I love to start my day with this powerful muscle builder. This year I’ve increased the number of horses on my ranch and I’m in the process of renting out sites for Eclipse watchers. Last year I would have never thought that I would be healthy enough to do these things.” Susan B.

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