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Spring 2022 Newsletter

Spring is around the corner. Let us rejoice in new beginnings, fresh grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and be captivated by the beauty of Nature’s Springtime blossoms.

Dr. Richard Brouse
Clinical Biochemist

The content of this newsletter was in part inspired by a recent appointment I had with my D.O. The conversation was concerning the importance of balance in the paired minerals. With the growing season just around the corner, I thought it would be equally informative to peer into some examples of paired nutrients (food synergy) in food and how they benefit us. In addition, it’s time for that Spring cleaning and you’ll find some trusted formulas and products included.

And, Dr. Brouse’s homemade toothpaste recipe is also included for you. SAVE $$ & avoid toxic ingredients. Dr. Brouse: “We also discovered a few ingredients in “natural” toothpaste that I wasn’t comfortable using. We’ve been making our own toothpaste for three years now”.

Let’s start with a few examples of food pairings:

  • Eat broccoli & tomatoes together. Benefit: prostrate tumors (in rats) grew much less than in rats who ate broccoli or tomatoes alone (Journal of Nutrition, 2004)
  • A diet high in fruits and vegetables lowered blood pressure (DASH diet – Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). Blood pressure decreased even more when a low-fat diet was consumed with less sodium
  • Adding 2 ½ TBL Avocado to the lettuce, carrot, spinach salad absorbs 8.3 times more alpha-carotene and 13.6 times more beta-carotene (both help protect against cancer and heart disease) and 4.3 times more lutein (eye health) than those who did not add avocadoes
  • Plant sterols, soy protein, soluble fiber, and foods such as oats and nuts, help lower blood cholesterol levels
  • The Mediterranean-style diet is a perfect example of food synergy.

Soy protein was mentioned throughout for protection against Heart disease, cholesterol and blood cholesterol levels. I have used our Shaklee Energizing Cocoa Protein twice/day for four decades.

See WebMD.com for more info on nutrient pairings.

Coconut Oil/Baking Soda toothpaste

Coconut oil has great properties that holds significant benefits to the mouth. It’s antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal! Studies have shown that coconut oil destroys the bacteria that can cause tooth decay. The other primary ingredient in this toothpaste is baking soda. Baking soda is a very mild abrasive which aids in cleaning and whitening teeth, and restoring pH balance.

No Harmful Chemicals such as the antibacterial chemical triclosan, or Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (xenohormones) which promote a wide variety of health problems. Fluoride is another common chemical in conventional toothpaste. Fluoride is a toxic industrial waste product that is a poison to your body even in trace amounts.

You Can Use It on Your Dog’s Teeth Too – While you wouldn’t want to brush your pets’ teeth with ordinary “human” toothpaste, coconut oil is effective and safe for dogs and humans alike. Applying it with a toothbrush would be best, but your pet may even get some oral health benefits just from licking a small amount of oil. The recipe below is not recommended for dogs. As noted, some ingredients that are fine for human consumption can be toxic for pets. (We use this on Orion’s teeth. Actually, he asks to have his teeth brushed, but he has no allergies to any of the ingredients. Our vet prescribes coconut oil/crushed egg shell for his teeth as well.)

Homemade Baking Soda And Coconut Oil Toothpaste Ingredients:

  • 5 tablespoons Coconut Oil
  • 5 tablespoons Baking Soda
  • 20 drops of Peppermint Essential oil (or any other essential oil)
  • 1 Tablespoon Glycerin
  • 1/8 tsp. Turmeric

To see Dr. Brouse’s full article on the dangers of conventional toothpaste, please contact Linda.

It’s Spring Cleaning time! Safe and effective formulas for you.

Laundry Stains: Heat 6-8 qts. very hot water. Pour into 12 qt. Rubbermaid basin. Add 1 TBL Nature Bright & 1 TBL Laundry Concentrate. Use for Whites. Always test for colors.

p.s. Our laundry concentrate powder is still not available to order. HOWEVER…the liquid is.

Basic H2: One 16oz bottle makes 48 gallons of powerful cleaner. Made with sustainably sourced ingredients.

General cleaning: 1 tsp. in 2 quarts of water for woodwork, walls, ceilings.

Windows: 2 drops per 16 oz of water.

Appliances and bathroom fixtures: ¼ tsp. in 2 pints of water. Leaves refrigerator odor-free.

Windows, mirrors, all glass: 2 drops from a squeeze bottle in 16 oz. spray bottle of water.

Spot Remover: Apply Basic-H directly to spot and use toothbrush to rub in, then wipe off with damp cloth or rinse. Good for coffee, lipstick, ink, grass, grease.

Fruits and Vegetables: ¼ tsp. to 2 pints of water. Wash then rinse to remove residues of poisonous sprays and grime. Makes crisp lettuce delicious!

Please request the “Popular Uses of Basic H2”….this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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