Spring 2021 Newsletter

Spring has sprung and a new time is before us. For some, 2020 was a year of loss; for others, it was more time spent with loved ones and for others, it was a time for introspection. Rose Kennedy once said: “Birds sing after a storm, why shouldn’t we?” Indeed, every cloud has a silver lining and I hope that 2020 allowed you to discover new strengths, new truths, hidden talents just waiting to be revealed.

In this Spring issue, in addition to a happy doggy story, you’ll read about Anxiety Disorders/Panic Attacks and success stories with Gout, Osteoarthritis, Warts, Vertigo and more.

Dogs are a Big Part of the Family!

About a year ago, Daphne, our 14 yr old Cocker Spaniel started having digestive track issues. She needed to go outside 20 to 30 times a day. We tried at least 8 different dog foods. It was hard watching her sleep her life away, getting weaker and weaker.

We searched the internet and decided we would do organic veggies, fruits as well as meat, and even raw meat because she needed the digestive enzymes to help her utilize her food. I needed to know she was getting all the nutrients she required so in addition to changing her food we put her on Shaklee’s Chewable Incredivites, Chewable Cal Mag Plus, NutriFeron to help her build her immune system and Joint Health Complex for her older joints.

Today, at nearly 16 years of age, she is frolicking around, able to go up stairs which she hadn’t been able to do in nearly 2 years and is participating in our family once again. She acts like she did 5 years ago and the only thing I did was put her on an organic diet and and supplements. – Deb V.

Gout & Osteoarthritis

I had both gout and osteoarthritis. The pain was very bad! The doctor prescribed strong medicines that, one by one, were taken off the market.

I’d been in this unhealthy cycle for 15 years. About the time I developed internal bleeding from the medicine, I began using Shaklee products. With Shaklee I felt much better.

At the suggestion of a nutritional doctor, I increased to 6 GLA, 2 to 3 times a day. Like magic I had NO PAIN! In fact I haven’t taken any pain medicine for four years. What a blessing. – Mike I.


I have been fighting a wart on my index finger and one on the top side of my big toe for over three years. I had the doctor freeze them off two years ago and they came back. I tried Doterra oils, cutting them off, clipping them and nothing worked.

I was reading the Shaklee flyer that you send out and there was a testimonial that Formula I may help with warts. I started using one Formula I with a meal and after 3 bottles my warts are gone. Hallelujah!! – Sandi B.


7 years ago our friend fell on a tall metal staircase, hitting the back of his head on a metal stair tread. He was knocked unconscious and suffered severe head trauma. His vertigo was so bad that for the past 7 years, at least 1 week a month, was spent lying down in a darkened room trying to get his world to stop spinning and having a waste basket handy for vomiting.

42 Days ago he started a Shaklee regime:
2 Vivix Liqui Gels
1 Zinc
2 NutriFeron
2 Vita D3

On day 42 my friend wrote:“I feel great! I’m active! I have my life back! I’m working 10 hours a day, 6-7 days a week! I bounce out of bed early each morning refreshed and ready to go!” – Cinda H.

Anxiety Disorders / Panic Attacks

Anxiety Attacks or Panic Attacks can be acute or chronic… the body is responding to a normal situation as if it were an emergency, or a pending disaster, which makes it impossible to think clearly. In response:

Life is a lemon or lemonade. The power of choice lies in our thoughts.

• The adrenal glands produce increased adrenaline
• The metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is increased to quickly produce energy for the body to use.
• Muscles tense
• Heartbeat and breathing become more rapid
• The blood becomes more prone to clotting

Traditional Medical Approach… Drugs:
• Anti-depressants
• Benzodiazepines
• Beta Blockers

Suggested Supplements:

• Calcium/Magnesium SUPER (Canada) / OsteoMatrix (U.S.) … a natural tranquilizer
Vita Lea… to help balance body chemistry
B Complex… to nourish the central nervous system
Stress Relief Complex… to calm the central nervous system and down-regulate
adrenaline levels

Soy Protein … to provide a guaranteed supply of ALL essential amino acids
Vitamin C… has a tranquilizing affect on the adrenal glands
OmegaGuard… the brain is over 65% Essential Fatty Acids
MoodLift (U.S.) / St. John’s Wort (Canada) … nature’s anti-depressant

Zinc… helps calm the central nervous system
VitalMag… additional magnesium & potassium has a calming affect on the CNS
Alfalfa… Chlorophyll has a very calming affect on the body

Other Suggested Tips:
Gentle Sleep Complex is a natural muscle relaxant… it may aid in sleep at night
• Avoid sugar
• Avoid stimulating foods such as coffee, cola, chocolate, etc.
• The Liss Cranial electrical Stimulator, plus Magnesium Lotion, plus the Shealy RelaxMate works in 85% of people (Dr. Norm Shealy used this for patients with depression)

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