Spring 2020 Newsletter

Happy Spring to you! Spring is a time for new growth, new beginnings and what a time to celebrate new thought patterns to create new realities.

Terry & I have a new reality.

As I’m writing this, our home is in escrow and closes next week. A wonderful young family with a 1 ½ year old and another due early May are anxious to move in and get some nesting time before the new baby arrives. The apartment (yes, we’re purchasing an apartment…) now, it does have a balcony so I’m already creating ways to grow a few leafy greens on the balcony, but here’s what’s going on with this unit.

Mario is a delightful and most cognitive 91 year old. He has been the sole caretaker for his wife who suffers from dementia. His sons and their families live in Chicago. So the sons are finding a new home for their parents in Chicago (where at age 17, Mario began when his family moved from Italy to the U.S.) so they can help with their Mom. It is not an easy move for Mario and we don’t wish to rush him. So, in the meantime, I don’t know where Terry & I & Orion will be as it has been quite challenging to find a furnished, monthly, pet-friendly rental… but surely something will manifest.

Ok… that’s the short story. Phone number and email is the same.

Now, let’s get to the Spring newsletter. It’s pollen time which equals ALFALFA time in a big way. And boosting one’s immune system. So, let’s hear a couple good testimonials first.

Alfalfa and Allergies

At the age of 17, I was overcome by a grass pollen allergy that was so severe, I couldn’t stop sneezing and scratching my eyes. My vision was blurred for four weeks due to the fluids in my eyes. And each year my allergy symptoms would reappear. Through my adult years, to control the symptoms, I took allergy medicines and nasal sprays like most people did. I never took allergy shots. I had to give up golf, unfortunately, between May 15 and June 15th and rarely went outdoors in the spring— the prettiest time of the year!

A friend advised me to take more Shaklee Alfalfa supplements! She suggested that I take the recommended serving size (10 tablets, which is on the label) three times a day—like her son, Taylor, did. Well, I tried it, and the Alfalfa worked! Sometimes I made a tea out of the Alfalfa, but mostly woofed them down.

More help came several years ago when a friend circulated an email about allergies which said that Shaklee’s Immunity Formula was miraculously alleviating allergy symptoms – even cat and dog allergies! I could hardly believe it. So, I asked Dr. Bruce Miller about this recommendation and he confirmed that enhancing your immune system could rid you of allergy symptoms. Since then, I’ve been taking four daily during my allergy season and it’s worked beautifully for me! On those bad days, I take 4 more at dinnertime and cut down to one serving of Alfalfa per day. No more sneezing! No more itchy eyes! I don’t get drowsy from medicines. And I don’t have to pay a lot of money to see doctors!!! I’m out playing springtime golf again! – Jerry A (editors note: people now include Nutriferon)

Shaklee Makes a Difference for Children!

I struggled with my 4 year old daughter with eczema, asthma, allergies- from the first few months of her life. We had done all the blood testing, computer testing, prick testing-and every time, we had to put down $900 -$1,000 for each test. All they told me was to keep away from the food she had been found to be allergic to – which was everything. The only foods she could eat were Turkey, apples, and cucumbers. My poor little girl itched a lot and lived on a nebulizer for her asthma – it was her companion wherever we traveled. My last stop before being introduced to Shaklee was a Chiropractor. He gave me an acidophilus product, and it worked wonders – BUT after 5 months of her being clear and under control, the acidophilus was taken off the market. An independent lab did a testing on that “all natural acidophilus” and found cortisone in it!!!!! I was so upset. Then Shaklee, a company with integrity came into my life…

Doing my friend a favor and attending a Shaklee skin care demo, I asked the distributor if she could help me with my child. My first concern was “Are these products tested by Independent labs?” I was so relieved to hear about their 80 published clinicals in peer reviewed medical journals. I got hopeful! I was amazed at the integrity of the company and in my second month of using Shaklee for my family and seeing the incredible results – I couldn’t stop talking about Shaklee. My nightmare for my child was over. Her skin looked beautiful with me crushing 2 times a day the following regimen:

5 alfalfa
1 vita C SR
1 herb lax
2 vita lea chew
2 garlic
1 Optiflora serving

(In many eczema cases GLA, OmegaGuard, and Lecithin MUST be added especially for adults who have struggled with it for years)

It took patience and understanding on my part – and learning that I’m building her immune system. That helped me to be disciplined in all the crushing and feeding the nutrients to my daughter. Only 4 months later we were able to put away the nebulizer and start introducing foods like the basics with out her reacting.

Today, 4 years later she is allergy free and can enjoy the winter without having asthma attacks every time she steps out into the cold. Now I am helping other moms and children. I am passing on the gift that was given to me.

Malky Tauber (age 28, mother of 6)
New York

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