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Preparation for Your Four Pillars Destiny Reading

Obtain your birth information: year, month, day, hour and location of birth; i.e. city/town, state, country. This reading is based on ancient Chinese Astrology. Every organ has a 2 hour period of time and this will be very important in determining your proper balancing element or useful spirit. It will also be of utmost importance in determining life after 50, relationships with children and health. Your place of birth is important as daylight savings time must also be accounted for if applicable. Where does one find their hour of birth? Here are possible places: birth certificate, hospital records, family. If still not known, contact the Dept. of Health.

Create and write down 3-5 open-ended questions relating to the subject most important to you at this time. Though you will be free to ask any questions that arise during the reading, having your most important ones written down will insure they are covered for you.


  • What do I need to know in order to feel more at peace with self?
  • What type of relationship is best for me?
  • How can I create greater financial security?
  • Where would it be best for me to live?
  • What do I need to change in self to create more harmonious relationships with others?
  • What must take place in order to achieve more satisfying relationships?

Please avoid ‘should’, ‘would’, ‘yes’, ‘no’ questions as these are self-limiting and would not serve your higher self. Instead of ‘why’ questions, whose origin is the personality/ego; identify the reason behind your questions.

  • Prioritize your questions. In case all your questions don’t get answered, you want to be sure you ask the most important ones first.
  • Have a notepad and pen. You are free to record the session.
  • Allow one full hour (no more than 1.5 hours) for your consultation. This is sacred time. Please honor yourself by giving yourself time to absorb and reflect.
  • Find a quiet setting where you will be undisturbed if consultation is done by phone.
  • If consultation is in person, please allow self to have quiet, reflective time afterwards
  • Do not do use recreational drugs or alcohol for 24 hours prior to your consultation.  Prescription drugs are acceptable.

As chart analysis requires 2-3 hours or more, your birth data, questions, and check must be received a minimum of 3 weeks prior to appointment date.

Yearly follow-ups are just $45 for a 30 minute evaluation. Examples of frequently asked questions:

“What type of career path would guide me towards more financial stability?”
“What changes could I make in my life to experience a more fulfilling relationship?”

Sessions are $150

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