Performance – Hydrate, Energize, Build, & Recover

Shaklee, the world’s premier pioneers in naturally pure sports nutrition, does it again by launching the world’s most advanced Sports Nutrition Program

  • Pharmaceutical-grade
  • Naturally Pure
  • International Olympic Committee Compliant
  • World Anti-Doping Agency Compliant

2017 Performance Brochure

2017 Performance F.A.Q.

Gatorade and others:

  • Too much processed sugar (high levels pull water out of your body)
  • Not enough essential minerals (electrolytes)
  • Unbalanced proportion of carbohydrates (less than 18 grams is not enough, more than 28 grams can cause cramping)
  • Some drinks may contain vitamins which can cause cramping (vitamins should never be in rehydration drinks, vitamins are for recovery)

Shaklee Performance Hydrate – the healthier option

  • Less processed sugar
  • Contains 6 essential minerals needed for hydration (electrolytes)
  • 25 grams of balanced carbohydrates
  • No vitamins are added to Performance Hydrate
  • Performance Hydrate, rather than water or other sugary drinks will rehydrate you faster

“The other day my boys asked for Gatorade at the grocery store.  When I read the label I noticed that in addition to all the junk ingredients it also had this statement: “partially produced with genetic engineering.”  I immediately put the bottle back on the shelf.  This is another reason I choose Shaklee Performance for my whole family, nothing artificial, less sugar, and GMO-free!  Plus it has been proven to hydrate faster than Gatorade or water alone.  We love both flavors, orange and lemon-lime.”  – Suni Ferrer



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