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Out with the Rat, in with the Ox

The Year of the Rat is coming toward an end… February 2021 and we will be ushering in Year of the Ox.  Let’s reflect a little on 2020.  It was a Yang Metal Rat Year.  According to the Four Pillars system, Yang Metal was the Heavenly Stem sitting on top of Yang Water Rat.  Yang is active… i.e. the number and force of hurricanes, flooding etc.  Yang metal is like a steel pillar or sword, weapon of war.  Yang water is like an angry ocean.  Also, in 2020, there was no fire or earth energy making the metal very cold.

The Coronavirus originated from Wuhan, China. According to Raymod Lo, this city means: of “Man of war” as Wu is “Weapon” or “Fighting” and “Han” is “Man”.  Rat is the strongest Earth animal represented in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. The word “Rat” in Chinese means a son.  So Metal Rat year bears the meaning of “Warrior”. 

This virus seems to like cold; not heat… hence the concern for these wintry inside months. Dr. Brouse among many top scientists are concerned for the second wave as this virus is trending similar to the 1918 Spanish Flu which killed 40,000 – 50,000 in the summer of 1918, but when the second wave hit, an estimated 40 -50 million lives were lost by February 1919.

Dr. Bonnie Henry, the Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia, the first woman to hold this position, has posted a list for dealing with this virus, which may be with us for months.  Dr. Henry is a Clinical Associate Prof. at the U. of British Columbia. Her background is in epidemiology and is a specialist in public health & preventative medicine. Here are a few of her suggestions:

  1. We may have to live with Covid-19 for months or years. Let’s not deny it or panic.  Let’s learn to live this fact.
  2. Washing hands, wearing masks and maintaining the 6’ (2 meters) physical distancing is our best protection.
  3. It’s a virus; not a bacteria – so washing with soap & water for 20 sec. (or Shaklee’s Hand Wash) – editor’s note) will suffice. Shaklee’s Hand wash is also gentle on the hands. Wash for 20 sec.

Her list goes on, but these were the key points.

Now, let’s take a peek at 2021: Year of the Ox

The Four Pillars System or Bazi is similar to the Farmers’ Almanac.  It is good to look at the forecast to know how to dress for the elements; know when to plant etc.  The difference is the Four Pillars System is accurate down to the hour, day, month and year someone is born. An individual’s True Nature (determined by the day stem) and the probable work that individual will do is reflected in the month branch.  It’s based on a 60 year cycle so one can make informed choices regarding work, relationships, moving etc. through understanding how these elements work in favor of one’s Nature or against.

The upcoming year will be a Yin year… gentler & kinder.  Yin Metal (flexible like fine jewelry) sits on top of Yin Earth Ox. 

Each element corresponds to organs, emotions, colors, direction etc. Metal’s organ is Lung/Large Intestine. One can see then the reason this particular virus attacks our breathing organs. The emotion of metal is sadness; its color – white and direction is West.

Earth’s organs or Pancreas/spleen & stomach. Its color is yellow. The emotion associated with Earth is worry & overthinking. Direction is center, which is why each Earth element connects each season of the Year.

When we think of the qualities of Oxen, we see diligence, dependability, strength and determination. There is an honest nature that prevails. Transfer this to humans and we’ll see more truth emerging, great ideals and ambitions for life and the importance of family and work takes precedence.

Health-wise, we realize that our thoughts and choices made have either a positive or negative effect on our lives.  To be healthy in body, mind and Spirit, let’s review some tips.

  • Kind thoughts to everyone, starting with self….if a negative slips in, no worries, retract within 12 seconds and state a positive. Keep this up until it is habit.
  • Practice breathing techniques. When we’re anxious, our breath has shifted to shallow breathing. Try this:  sit with spine erect, feet flat on the floor, eyes closed and tense the whole body with an inhale from feet to neck…clenching the fists and hold for 3 seconds; exhale and feel the restlessness and worries roll off the shoulders. Repeat 3 times. Now, just sit calmly and watch the breath.  Take yourself to your happy place
  • Avoid tv, radio, social media that causes worry & frustration. Surround self with positivity in all forms – music, shows, reading, people etc.
  • Enjoy hearty stews and nutritious casseroles over the winter months

As mentioned the Earth element is the pancreas/spleen & stomach. Support the stomach if you are experiencing indigestion. Include CoQ Heart.  This is partly due to the lack of the fire element this year and the additional stress placed on our hearts.

May this information be helpful for you. Wishing you peace, health and happiness.

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