May e-news – Coming Soon… we hope

In the recent Spring newsletter, there was no mention of Covid-19… why was that?  It was not only written before the outbreak but here’s what occurred. Even as I write this, surely Terry & I must have been carried on the wings of Angels & under their protection.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020: the trial on March 5, for which I was to be the first witnessed called was cancelled as a settlement had been reached.  Instead of going to court, Terry & I drove 18 mi. N. to Encinitas to see a possible short-term rental for us & our 4-legged.

Sunday, March 8, 2020:  spent a glorious day with these 3 goober-heads… first time we saw these 3 high octane grandkids in 5 months.  We cooked; we played; we danced; we gardened… we slept very well that night.

Monday, March 9, 2020:  Orion is a working therapy dog and his mission that day was to be by the student’s side he had been working with for 6 weeks….it was graduation day!

Tuesday evening March 10, 2020:  Terry & I spend 3 ½ hours at the Animal Emergency Hospital.  Orion had a dry hacking cough, fever, was quite lethargic, and x-rays showed a spot on his lung.

Wednesday am, March 11, 2020:  movers are to arrive between 8 -10 am… Yikes!  With all this activity of the last few days, Terry & I are not quite ready for the movers who are in the driveway by 8:20 am!!

Thursday, March 12, 2020:  Its closing day.  Terry & I spend the day at 6865 Robbins Ct., packing up the last few drawers, cleaning & vacuuming until 4:15.  Neighbors help with the last few trash bags that won’t fit into our bin.  4:15 we depart for Encinitas… phewww… we needed to be out by 5.

When we look back over that brief time period so much to be grateful for.  On Friday, March 13th, Terry is getting ready to drive to work when he senses he should take a look at text messages first….’shelter in place’ was in effect.  We had only briefly heard about Covid-19 from our neighbors deciding whether or not to cancel their Spring Break trips. 

One month later, here we are sheltering in place in this lovely sanctuary… a small casita built above a 4-car garage.  We are in what one could refer to as a ‘holding pattern’.  The small condo we are purchasing is occupied and will be until family from Chicago can come to help the elderly parents move back with them.

So my friends, that’s the story. Now what do we need to wait for?  Well, as you know there have been many backordered products and limits placed on some.  This is just a suggestion for your consideration.

For the body’s internal environment to boost your immune system and to help in reducing stress, consider Nutriferon (only 1 per ID currently) and Stress Relief Complex.  For the external environment, Basic G germicide (and sprayer) and Basic H2 (with squeeze bottle and sprayers) will provide your home with effective, ecological and economic solutions.  Please also see this documents on Basic G and it’s effectiveness against Coronavirus and Covid-19 and the Basic H2 usage guide.

Take time for self, be calm, breathe deeply. Now, how can you utilize your unique gifts to be of service to others? Feel free to share so we may include your stories in the next newsletter. Feeling stuck? Feel free to contact me.

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