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No longer in print are Ginny Vaughn and Betsy McMahan’s booklets on Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Healthy Kids, Healthy Pets etc.

We bring you here just some of the pet stories from Healthy Pets.

Legal Stuff:  The information is from experience only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for or treat animal problems or to substitute for regular visits with a vet.  Others following the same suggestions may or may not have the same results.  No claims, guarantees or assurances are made.

The authors, editors, contributors and printers will not be held responsible for any misuse, misrepresentation or misconception of information herein.  Contact your animal care specialist for specific health concerns.

dogpaw Dog – Cher, our black lab puppy was six months old when we took our children on a Shaklee trip.  Our daughter, Kim had a paper route and asked our neighbor to do it for her.  Cher followed him and was hit by a car.  She was seriously hurt and her hip was badly broken.  Cher survived but the vet said she’d always limp.  We gave her Liqui Lea and 10 Alfalfa a day.  She was fine for many years.  At 10, I increased her Alfalfa and Liqui Lea 2 X.  While we were on vacation, she would miss her supplements and be limping when we returned.  A few days back on Shaklee and she’d be her “young” self again. At 20, she had a stroke. When the vet gave her ‘her shot’, he said he’d never seen a lab live such a long, full life.  Lynn & Charlie Benevento

dogpawDog – Felix, 8, our red Doberman, gets a little crazy when there’s a full moon.  He tries to mount my cats and stands outside howling at nothing in particular.  I decided to try a couple B complex and they worked!  I now give him 2 B Complex a day the week before a full moon and a few days after.  It really helps!  I’m a firm believer that it’s the B complex that settles him down.  When doesn’t get the B Complex during a full moon, he does the same crazy things he did before.  Gloria Federman

dogpawDog – When we found PePe, 12, three years ago, he had a punctured eye and infection. The vet was unable to save his eye and he lost 20 teeth during the 3 hour surgery.  We nursed him back to health and gave him

Alfalfa for arthritis, digestion and extra fiber.  Pepe was later diagnosed with lymph sarcoma, a cancer of the lymph system.  For nutritional support during chemo we started Optiflora, DTX, Omegaguard, Carotomax, C and B.  The larger tablets we break in half and put in bites of food as we hand feed him. Pepe is in remission, he seems healthier and his coat looks so much better.  I only wish we’d been giving him these supplements all along.  Maybe it would have helped prevent the cancer. Susan

Cacatpawst – Bundles was born the runt of the litter and struggled for life when his mother refused to feed her kittens.  Fortunately, he survived and became our wonderful pet.  With a weakened immune system, he’s foung ongoing rodent ulcer illness.  This manifests as sores on his paws, mouth, nose, eyes and the back of his legs.  After many rounds of anti-biotics and steroids, I decided to stop it all and start a Shaklee program.

Each time an ulcer appeared, he received these daily:  1 Alfalfa, ½ B complex, 1 GLA or Omegaguard, 1 Optiflora probiotic, 1 tsp. Infant Vita Lea, 1 teas. Optiflora powder and ½ capsule lysine. (The ulcers are like herpes simplex I in humans).  It cleared up every time. I now keep him on this program and give it once or twice a week for prevention. Linda Crawford

dogpawcatpawsDog/Cat – Our daughter, Destiny, uses Optiflora with her dog, Lilly, and cat, Polly Ann.  No more digestive problems or colitis!  Karen and Steve Hayden

dogpawDog – We have 3 dogs and all are on Shaklee.  They get Alfalfa, and the 12 year old gets Osteokinetics.  Our Lab with a Liver disorder takes DTX and is off all meds with good blood levels.  I mentioned to my vet that I give my guys Alfalfa.  He said that it was a great all around healthy thing to be doing for them.  Carolyn and Kevin Moss

dogpawDog – We adopted a long-haired sheepdog from the pound.  After bringing her home, we realized Heidi not only smelled awful but scratched night and day, creating bare, raw spots.  Our Vet prescribed a strong medicine that didn’t work.  What next?  I decided to try Shaklee and created my own formula.  First, I mixed 3 drops Basic G in a 16 oz. spray bottle of water and moistened her hair a couple times a day.  Into her food, I mixed 2 TBL Protein, 8-10 Alfalfa and extra water.  Within a week, Heidi stopped scratching and smelled much better.  She became a healthy, beautiful animal who loved her Protein and Alfalfa.  She wouldn’t touch her food without it!  Thanks to Shaklee, Heidi was a special blessing to our family for many years. Ruth Nichols

dogpawDog – Bridget came to us from a Doberman rescue home.  She had problems created by poor nutrition and too many antibiotics.  An infection that resulted from the spaying surgery showed up as a chronic vaginal discharge.  The vet said we’d have to live with it and to continue the antibiotics indefinitely.  We elected to start her on Optiflora, Vita Lea, and Alfalfa.  After a few days, we added Formula I and took her off the antibiotic.  The discharge disappeared in two weeks and hasn’t returned.  Bridget’s now happy and healthy.  Linda Beasley

 catpawsCat – I have two cats.  The male is 13.  I’ve always fed him Liqui Lea when he feels bad or has an infection.  He recovers in no time.  Diane Lazelle

dogpawDog – Pretty Boy was a mid-sized mixed breed.  We put Liqui-Lea on his food since it was helpful to other animals. He lapped it up.  In his later years, he developed arthritis.  We hid Alfalfa in cheese or peanut butter.  He lived to be 17 and was pain-free until the end.  Valerie Hall

dogpawDog Priscilla, our 11-year old Fox Terrier and Ginger, our 9 year-old Basset Hound, have been on Shaklee supplements since 1991.  Every morning, they sit at my feet and await their ration of Shaklee: they each get 2 Lecithin, 1 Omegaguard and 2 chewable E.  They chew them up and look around for more.  In the evening they each get 1 B hidden in their food (we never have ticks or fleas, and we don’t use the chemical preventatives) and 1 tsp. Liqui- Lea, which they love.  Their coats are sleek and their health seems good.  Priscilla is an excellent soccer player, nosing the ball all over the yard.  Despite her age, she’s speedy and often gets carried away when jumping for the ball.  If she hurts her leg, Osteokinetics in her food for a few evenings makes all the difference.  Thanks, Shaklee.  Betty Wells

Hohorsehoofrse – I noticed my horse had five little bumps.  The vet said he had melanoma, a form of skin cancer.  He said my horse would keep developing more and more lumps and wouldn’t last two years.  I decided I wasn’t going to just let him die!  Dolores Mauk suggested we try a Shaklee supplement program for him.  I started him on Carotomax, 5 C and 5 Lecithin twice daily.  I also rubbed Basic H*and Herbal Blend Cream on the lumps twice a day and again after riding him as I wiped him down.

*this was the Classic Basic H (blue).  If using the Basic H2, dilute in ½.

Shortly after starting the program, he lost all the hair around the lumps.  I was worried but mom said, “Keep doing everything.  Something is working.”  The lumps stared to drain a black tar substance from the sores.  After the sores dried up, I decreased the supplements to Carotomax, 3 C and 3 Lecithin twice daily.  The hair grew back where the lumps had been.  Six months later, the lumps are completely gone.  He’s as “healthy as a horse” should be!  The vet can’t believe it!  Thank you, Dolores and Shaklee.  Kristi Dahl

dogpawDog – I’ve sold Basic G to dog breeders who spray it diluted onto hair/coat to prevent ringworm. They also wash bedding in it to prevent the illness from spreading.  Libby Sanders

dogpawDog – Daisy, our pride and joy and most cuddle-able pet slowly developed a bad hip problem. It got so bad she’d cringe and go down if you just touched her lower back.  This is common in older dogs.  I kept hoping it was a temporary thing but it just kept getting worse.  I decided to start her on Alfalfa and we got a miracle!  Within 2 weeks, she showed BIG results.  Six weeks later, she’s totally pain-free.  I rub her HARD where it used to just kill her and she feels nothing but the rub.  She plays like a little puppy again with Emmy whose half her age.  Mary via Arlene and Jim Trusten. 

dogpawDog – Snickers, 10, had a yeast infection in her ears most of her life.  The vets gave her countless medications.  She even had surgery to scrape the yeast out of her ears.  My current vet said that was not a smart idea, as the surgery could make the yeast go deeper.  Using Optiflora has cleared up her ears!  She seem much happier.  This is a miracle!  Cindy Burch

catpawsCat – I received two very sick 5 weeks old kitties and nursed them to health.  I fed them ¼ tsp Liqui-Lea and ½ tsp Protein 2 X day the first year.  They reached normal weight and the runny noses and matted eyes were gone in a few weeks.  Betsy Bell

catpawsCats – Sick or old cats respond well to ½ Defend and Resist crushed and mixed with 1 tsp. water.  Put into a syringe or dropper and squirt down their throats 3 X’s/day.  It’s great to see them perk up and start eating again.  Brenda Alderson

dogpawDog – I’ve used Shaklee for all our animals.  Our dogs, Old English Mastiffs, get a handful of Alfalfa on their food with a Vita Lea, GLA, E, Osteokinetics and C.  Giant breed dogs are noted for their joint problems.  This program helps them remain pain-free with no side effects.  I often feed them Protein in water.  They just love it.  I put the supplements on their food and they eat them up.  Patricia Young

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