Fish Oils for the Heart and Other Things

Dr. Brouse tele-clinic, 2/2/2016

This tele-clinic was so very informational and I’d like to share some of its highlights with you.  When you see italics, it’s me.  Otherwise, the words are Dr. Brouse’s.

Schizophrenia, reported by Consumer Labs, a new study has shown that Schizophrenia is benefitted by eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanenoic acid (DHA) Omega 3 fatty acids found in Omegaguard. This is clinically significant as these are the Omega 3’s in Omegaguard, but there are 5 others omega 3’s in Shaklee’s Omegaguard in lesser concentrations.

Supplements are usually made from salmon, mackerel, sardines.  Majority of fish oil capsules on the market today have very little science to the quality of them: only 12% DHA and 18% EPA – a total of 30%.  ONLY 10% had what was on the bottle’s label!

Shaklee has 50% EPA & DHA and 10% of the 5 other omega 3’s that exist.

Research didn’t begin until the 1980’s and 1990’s. The reason?  Fish oil stinks.  It had been observed that people who had a high fish diet had low heart disease.  Fish oils decrease the risk of heart disease.  The Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA & DHA, are recommended by most cardiologists and GP’s for the protection of the cardiovascular system and to reduce the risk of heart disease.

People with hardening of the arteries can be reduced with adequate amounts of fish oils.

The Life Shake has Omega 3’s from high grade sunflower seed oil. This is alpha linoleic acid that we make into hormones, prostaglandins and anti-inflammatory compounds.  The conversion from alpha linoleic acid into EPA and DHA is very restricted.

Vegans relying on hemp seeds, flaxseed, and chia show very low amounts of EPA and DHA.  (a vegetarian most of my life, it was when I was vegan that I had become severely anemic and this was being very conscious of complimentary proteins, using nuts/seeds, growing sprouts etc. Though, still mostly vegetarian, I now consume fish, make homemade chicken & meat stocks & use Omegaguard)

The Liver was not designed to convert the alpha linoleic acid to EPA & DHA very well.  Our Liver needs EPA and DHA from animal sources.  Any animal that can run and jump fences to avoid its predator seems to have the conjugated form of linoleic acid that is more easily converted into EPA & DHA in humans. The majority of people fall very short in their capacity to convert linoleic acid into EPA & DHA.

Arachidonic Acid – the one we humans do make and this one can be a real problem causing injury to tissue and it hurts due to the inflammatory response. When that condition carries on, we produce too much arachidonic acid.

Japanese people from N. Japan, Okinawa, have the best ratios of EPA:ALA (alph linoleic acid).  They have the lowest incidence of heart disease and lowest incidence of pain.  It’s what is known as a BLUE ZONE and they consume a lot of fresh fish.

The EPA & DHA found in Omegaguard has an amazing effect in people with inflammation and pain when taken in adequate quantities and that amount needed depends on the level of arachidonic acid in the body.

First question asked by Dr. Brouse of his patients is: “How much sugar did you consume as a child, teen, and young adult?  Sugar is what we make arachidonic

Acid from.  Complications of arachidonic acid is seen in people with diabetes and peripheral nerve damage.  Inflammatory responses get ahead of the Omega 3’s.

Protecting the kidneys, autoimmune kidney and liver issues, COPD – the Omega 3”s tend to work.  Need to start slowly with people with COPD.  If the increase in Omega 3’s is too rapid and the ratio is changed to quickly, you can actually increase the heart’s work to push blood through the lungs.  The lungs haven’t had time to respond – not enough oxygen, blood is coming through the lungs back to the heart.

Raynaud’s Disease:  have poor ratio of inflammatory compounds.  Omega 3 fatty acids are really the only treatment

C-reactive protein: a marker for vascular disease – only treatment is Omega 3 fatty acids.

Schizophrenics:  study published by Consumer Labs found Omega 3 fatty acids to benefit

Infant development:   DHA, a higher concentration in Incredivites and Mighty Smarts is very important for infant development of vision and nerve function

When does cardiovascular disease really begin?  Coronary heart disease may begin as early as age 5 and need 30-40 years to show up as a pathology.

Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oils have been used in treatment of certain cancers in animals and humans.  By keeping inflammation under control, you reduce the oxidative stress on the cell and cell membrane.  And that’s where arachidonic acid accumulates in every cell in our bodies.  Protecting that is extremely important.

Cardiac Arrhythmias:  Omegaguard, Protein, Vivix will help.

Source of omega 3 fish oils is extremely important. The cleanest and highest concentrations seems to be found in mackerels, salmon, herring and sardines. Shaklee prefers sardines because they are a renewable resource in the ocean.

The amount of Omega 3’s concentration in sardines is quite high.  Shaklee uses a technique developed in Finland for the removal of lead, PCB’s, and organic chemicals.  Bottom water and deeper water fish have these accumulated chemicals.

There are less chemicals in sardines.  A cold-water temperature process uses a method called Molecular Distillation.  The sardine oil is run over an absorbent material that takes out heavy metals and petro chemicals.  The result is a purer supplement.

Shaklee goes the ultimate limit – 3 times on every batch.  Most companies take a single pass; some will do a double pass, but Shaklee does a Triple Distillation that increases the cost but also increases QUALITY of oil to use with a higher concentration.  When you’re using Shaklee, you’re receiving the essence of the highest quality and highest purity fish oil.

Dr.Brouse does not resort to using any other company’s fish oil.

Fish don’t make the Omega 3 fatty acids.  It’s actually the algae and plankton that seep up that and manufacture it and the fish concentrate it.

Some farms are growing algae and plankton and claiming for Vegans as a good source of Omega 3’s.  1000 gm of dried algae I = < 10 gm of Omega 3’s.

50 lbs of algae = the dose in one of Shaklee’s capsules.

Humans are not perfect herbivores; nor perfect carnivores.  We’re in the middle.

Dr. Dagy is doing preliminary designs in an AREDS II uptake study.  Shaklee will be providing and supporting the researchers around the U.S. and Canada who look at age-related eye disease including glaucoma and degenerative eye disease in general.  The reason for this is our Omegaguard, Vivix, Carotomax, and Flavomax fit the needs of all antioxidants found to be necessary for eye health and reducing inflammation.

AA:EPA if in a good ratio level in our 20’s and 30’s by the time we’re in our 50’s and 60’s we’re going to need more.  Without question, we’ll need more.  As we get older, there’s more inflammation.  Genetics start to move from high hormone lifestyle to needing more rest, soft music and candlelight as we get older. We need to increase the level in order to prevent inflammation.

Activity as we get older needs to be maintained on a regular basis.  Being the weekend warrior and playing full court basketball for 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon after the age of 55, you’re going to get aches & pains & inflammation because your body can’t stand that.  A ½ hour of full court 3 x’sweek is probably fine for a while and play longer.

It’s the amount of demands we place on the body that demands more of these anti-inflammatory compounds that we get from Omegaguard, soy protein, and vivix —these are vitally important for us.

Flaxseed – alpha linoleic acid can be converted into EPA but the conversion is < 15% in the majority of people; actually it’s lower than 15%. One would need to consume ½ cup of flaxseed oil daily.  If we could convert it all into EPA and we just can’t – 15% is the max.  So, flaxseed is not a good source.

The omega 6 fatty acids that are important for women in childbearing years is GLA – derived from borage oil in American and from Evening Primrose Oil in Europe is very high in Omega 6 and can convert into the Omega 3’s with about a 15% conversion.  Very low conversion rate. After menopause, GLA with Menopause Balancing Complex can help reduce hot flashes & symptoms of menopause.  Keep ratio in blood EPA:DHA are still predominant ones.  Watch when vegetable oils are too high in diet of women in child-bearing years can actually act as an anti-fertility effect.  The inflammation from Omega 6’s can prevent conception.  Removal of butter and cream high in short-chain fatty acids and Vitamin A and going to vegetable oils, we’re actually done ourselves in because the Omega 6’s that are present in high quantities are actually inflammatory.

In 80% of all patients Dr. Brouse has seen who have been using Omegaguard for more than 5 years, still don’t get enough. Dr.Dagy said levels in people without Omegaguard who have already started with AREDS problems, could be as high as 12/day. That will vary with the individual, but that is probably not too far off from the therapeutic dose.

Other beneficial oils to use in conjunction with fish oils parallel in their effect: garlic – taking garlic can protect the body from breakdown of EPA & DHA. LDL cholesterol sometimes will go up temporarily. What is happening?  It is more efficiently allowing the liver to release the LDL cholesterol to absorb free radicals that are floating in the body, so cholesterol can be carried back to the liver and detoxified. It actually improves the efficiency of the body making and using LDL cholesterol in an effective way.

HDL & LDL: we’ve heard the saying the good cholesterol and the bad cholesterol.

Actually, they are a pair of twins and one is good for health and the other one is the oxidized form – sticky material in the arteries and blood vessels that can lead to arteriosclerotic disease.  Garlic helps that conversion.  It’s large vs small particles of LDL.  The higher the amount of small = higher oxidation. The large molecules are actually the good ones.

What really needs to be tested is: HDL, LDL, and % of fractionization.

Other oils:

Walnut oil – alpha linoleic acid

Butter – alpha linoleic acid

Sheep & goat – higher concentration of conjugated linoleic acid

Cows that are grass fed have more conjugated linoleic acid.

A2 Cow is best milk – much better tolerated and is what humans, sheep and goats manufacture

A1 milk – large Holstein black & white cows has a different structure

Omegaguard has 1200 mg. of total fish oil.

667 mg EPA: more than 50% of the Omega 3’s

240 mg DHA: most effective in reducing C-reactive protein

One would need to take 2 – 4 times the amount if using other supplements and run the risk of getting more polluted substances of Omega 3’s.

Shaklee doesn’t use any vegetable-based oils in the product. It’s all natural fish oils and ultra pure lipid concentrate fortified with Vitamin E – purest form Dr. Brouse knows of and one that you’ll receive the most benefit from when needing to increase your Omega 3 levels.


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