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Fall 2022 Newsletter

How was your summer? Were you barefoot and fancy-free? Did your skin take a beating from those potent sun rays? Did your feet become a bit calloused & sore? There are some solutions for you and a way to give to others at the same time.

In this edition of our Fall News, you’ll find the brand new ‘Body Ritual Trio’, economical clean water, and service through the feet. And oh yes, we, too were very disappointed to have the Vitalized Immunity discontinued, BUT… simply replace it with the Triple Defense Boost. Delicious by itself, hot or cold, but be sure to see the energizing recipe in this edition.

Body Ritual Trio
Nutrition from the Outside In

– Danielle B “Excellent Products”

“This set is so luxurious and feels like a day at the spa. The packaging is beautiful (and would make a really lovely gift). The scents are great – clean and fresh but not overpowering. I love how the cleanser didn’t feel like it was stripping my skin of its natural oils. The serum felt great and dries quickly. And the lotion is wonderful! So hydrating, but no sticky or greasy residue. I love how the products are clean and safe but effective in keeping my whole body feeling younger and revived. Worth the splurge!”

– Kyong H

“My hands look and feel younger –anti aging stuff works powerfully. My hands have been looking like my Mom’s hands as I’ve been approaching 50. This regimen is really impressive because it made my skin feel so hydrated, and it felt like it had a non-greasy, protective health coating….even days after applying it!”

Triple Defense Boost with extract of Beta-Glucans, Reishi, Quercitin, Elderberry, Zinc, Ginseng and 1,000mg of Vitamin C stimulates an increase in immune cells. Those Beta-Glucans place Triple Defense Boost in a higher rank of efficacy of immunity supplement category vs Emergen-C. – Kent O

My husband is a patient of Dr. Brouse, renowned clinical biochemist. When Vitalized Immunity was discontinued, we contacted Dr. Brouse for his advise on how to replace these vital immune nutrients. His answer: Triple Defense Boost. It’s delicious hot or cold or added to a shake. – Linda F C

Berry/Lemonade Daily “Fuel”
8-12 oz water
1 packet Triple Defense Boost
1 scoop Performance (LL or Orange)
1 scoop Collagen-9
1 tsp lemon juice

Add ingredients to your favorite water bottle, shake it up, add ice cubes and go. It’s that easy. This recipe is such a delicious pick-me-up, rich with nutrients to fuel your day.

This is my daily drink… Love it! – Lorri K

Shaklee Get Clean Water

Love this filter!
This is by far my favorite filter out on the market today! I love that it tracks how often you refill and let’s you know when to change it… The water tastes so good! – Katie L.B.

So thankful for this option!
We love this pitcher as a great choice to take contaminants out of our water! Love the taste and ease of use! – Timothy D

Best Water Ever
Just the fact that one filter equals 600 of the 16 ounce plastic bottles is worth the penny per cup that it cost. Secondly – A friend was visiting my house I poured her a glass and she asked, what is this water!? It’s better than any water I’ve ever tasted. I thought that was both amazing and impressive! Love that the filter is made of plants not man made substances. – Mary Kay N

Eyes drifting into dream state, body totally relaxed, my sweet Papa loved receiving this simple gift of kindness. His feet felt revitalized and a size smaller. Whom might you be thinking of giving this gift to?

Enfuselle Shower Gel, Youth Purifying Clay Mask, Herbal Blend Healing Cream

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