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Fall 2020 Newsletter

Did your Mom ever say to you: “I’m so angry with you, I could kick you into the next year?” (or Timbuktu as my mamma said). Well, it’s 2020 and I do believe some of us wish our moms were still here to kick us into the next year.

So, how can we best prepare for this upcoming season and year remaining healthy, strong and positive?

Dr. Shaklee said: “Happiness is a state of mind, therefore it depends entirely upon the thoughts you produce.”

Though I have been accused of wearing ‘rose-colored’ glasses, I choose to see the positive. Does this mean that I’m immune to sadness or anger? Of course not. The full moon attempts monthly to play havoc with my emotions. And if I’m caught unprepared, it’s Terry who receives the brunt of these emotions. Whatever we put into our minds, effects the mind (Tony Robbins). So we must choose carefully: relationships, radio programs, tv shows, movies, books etc. What we focus on will grow. What do you wish to grow in your life? Let’s check the spokes on the balance wheel and if we’re not sure of our weaknesses, just ask a family member or friend. They’ll point it out for us.

Nutrient-wise, what do we want to focus on for this Fall? Anti-oxidants for sure along with quality Protein, Vitamin D, Probiotics, B’s & C’s (the water-soluble stress nutrients) Stress Relief Complex and the new Tumeric Boost. Please read on as a few inspiring stories await you.

19 YEAR OLD NEEDS: B Complex – Alfalfa – GLA

Our 19 year old daughter mentioned recently how much different she feels if she forgets to take her supplements. She told us: “Without B Complex, I am more clumsy at work and find it harder to focus, follow multi-step instructions, as well as a significant drop in my energy level.” -Bill & Jane

OPTIFLORA DI – Potency advantage
OptiFlora DI delivers unique benefits via a proprietary formula with 10 billion CFUs with 4 bacterial strains, the most prominent being the powerhouse Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 which is proven to improve the speed at which our food is digested and metabolized.

Clinically proven probiotic for digestive and immune health.
• Support intestinal flora balance/add good bacteria
• Maintain regularity
• Reduce occasional gas, bloating,and constipation

54 Year Old Has Many Issues to Overcome!

My sister has lived for 54 years without making any investment in her health and has developed SO many issues to overcome. Recently, she agreed to try to address some of her health issues nutritionally. She started on the Shake, Vitalizer, OsteoMatrix, and CoQHeart.

Today, after just a few months on this program, she received the following report from her doctor:

• Triglycerides have gone from 162 to 138 • Total cholesterol, from 245 to 203
• HDL (good) cholesterol, from 66 to 73 • LDL (bad) cholesterol, from 142 to 102
• Ratio, from 3.7 to 2.8 • Blood sugar, from 108 to 97
• And her osteopenia has improved!

She has agreed to add Cholesterol Regulation Complex to her regimen. The cholesterol-lowering medication she used in the past caused her joints to ache terribly.

She is eager to make further progress in improving her levels. – Chris

Sustained Release Vita-C
Water-soluable stress nutrient can be in and out of the body in 15 minutes under stress

Stress Relief Complex – With L-theanine, ashwagandha, beta-sitosterol, & L-tyosine. Help calm the heart, promote a restful night’s sleep, and enjoy a more peaceful you.

To learn which might be the best choice for you, see our family of biologically complete proteins

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