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Emei Qigong

With gratitude to Master Qigong teacher Celia Tom

Emei Qigong differs from most other Qigong systems in several important ways:

Emei teachings and techniques have been passed down from lineage holder to lineage holder for nearly 800 years;

Countless people over the centuries have benefited from the Emei teachings;

Grandmaster Fu is the 13th Lineage Holder of Emei Qigong. He has personally seen to the intensive and extensive training of Emei Qigong teachers.

Emei Qigong focuses on the healing aspects of using energy rather than martial
arts training; Emei Qigong teaches how to correctly cultivate qi (chi), which protects the practitioner from absorbing negative energy from people or things and also conserves and protects the energy of other living things;

Emei Qigong uses a heart-centered philosophy and teaches techniques that clear negative issues from the past, creating a fresh basis for one’s future behavior, actions and consciousness. Instead of extracting qi from living things or from the solar system, Emei Qigong teaches how to easily and safely self-generate qi. Many medical practitioners, acupuncturists, physical therapists, massage therapists, counselors and healers are incorporating the protective and healing techniques of Emei Qigong into their work.

Can you keep yourself so still, that muddy water clears? And wait until right action spontaneously appears – Lao Tzu

True Qigong should go beyond qi-generating forms and postures. True Qigong is a way of life.

Emei Qigong recognizes that our planet is facing tremendous challenges and that this reflects a divide between the forces of kindness and evil. We find ourselves attracted to negative thoughts and emotions, the effects of which enter our minds and bodies. These present obstacles and challenges for us that can be overcome by strengthening our internal state. When the internal organs are strong and the heart is pure, the harmful energy of
external evils are unable to enter.

The methods of Emei Qigong allow us to unify with the Wuji qi, the infinite emptiness from which all things sprang. It is a process of empowerment. The very specific techniques and Chan postures and forms of Emei Qigong, passed down through an unbroken lineage for almost 800 years, help elevate the student to higher levels of consciousness. By moving internal energy and cultivating the heart-mind, the past can be cleared and the heart can be fully purified and opened. When the heart is open, enlightenment and peace become a reality.

Healing through Emei Qigong

  • Learn a simple Qigong form that can prove life-changing
  • Learn how to transfer and clear negative emotions
  • Sacred healing sounds—internal massage—each organ vibrates to its own frequency.  Learn the healing sounds for your organ/s in need
  • Four Pillars destiny chart—a treasure of information lies within your birthday
  • Moving Program of Life—a powerful meditation for individuals who are seriously dedicated to creating a higher quality life with bountiful future effects
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