Nutritional Counseling ~ Lifestyle Counseling
Nutritional Counseling ~ Lifestyle Counseling

Each Breath a Smile

May I introduce you to a sweet childrens’ book that is for the child in all of us? This book was the inspiration to create this guided meditation with specific breathing techniques.

Each Breath a Smile was first given to me by one of our park friends.  Denise, is a psychotherapist who actually does not treat children, but keeps this book on the reception table.

My little granddaughters loved being read this book at bedtime and afterwards I would guide them through a few breathing with tensing & relaxing exercises.  It always made them feel so loved and so calm.

Fast forward… I began sending this book as a gift to adult friends and began phone consultations with breathing techniques first if I detected a level of nervousness or anxiety.  In the few minutes that is required, one client’s heart rate dropped to a resting 52bpm.  She commented on how relaxed she felt.  May you receive the same benefits.

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What do you think is the strongest force?

Would you guess nuclear? Or electromagnetism or gravity? Truth is nuclear is 100 times stronger than electromagnetic force, but could there be a force greater than nuclear?