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It’s Springtime, which also can equate to allergy and sinus time.  I wanted to share with you the environmental benefits of using Shaklee’s laundry products, but it seems one benefit can lead to many other benefits:  saving money, saving the environment, saving our health, saving on the number of packaging to be recycled etc.

So, may I start with sharing with you some of my favorite products that I’ve used since 1980?  I refer to the benefits of Changing Brands as the 3 E’s:  Effective, Economical, Environmental.

Lake Conesus

What’s the most common objection to changing brands?  It appears to be cost, but this is a misconception.  One 14# box of Shaklee’s Laundry Concentrate last our family one entire year! (and we have a puppy and family that visits often).  The products are super concentrated which drastically reduces the amount of recycling.  All good.  You’ll also read in this issue about a woman who had lifelong problems with allergies and sinus problems only to have those issues disappear upon Changing Brands.  Could that happen to you too?  Oh, gosh, another amazing benefit… so this Laundry Concentrate is what saved Lake Conesus in NY back in 1971.  So our laundry water is pumped outside to water our trees and shrubs. This grapefruit tree produced 2 bushels of grapefruit last year!

Sinus & Allergy Mystery: A friend of mine had sinus problems most of her life.Nighttime was a particularly difficult time for her as she couldn’t breathe and she had to prop herself up on pillows and use nasal sprays and inhalers.  Her doctor told her the problem was a deviated septum, so she had surgery on her nose.  Do you know what happened?  You probably guessed it – there was absolutely no difference!


Yet she now sleeps comfortably and with no congestion.  All she changed was her laundry detergent.  She switched from the toxic grocery store brand to one that was environmentally sensitive. (Shaklee Laundry Care Products)  It made all the difference in the world for her.  Interestingly enough, her children’s allergies improved too!

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BIODEGRADABLE – a biologist at a Nature Conservancy Center once told me the question to ask is:  HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO BIODEGRADE?  50 YEARS? That’s too long and yes, one of the laundry products that was labeled ‘biodegradable’ took 70 years!  Shaklee’s?  3 days!! And our Dishwasher Concentrate? Only 7 days. Save your pipes, save your clothes, save your dishes!

California State Sen. Ricardo Lara has introduced ‘The Cleaning Product Right to Know Act’ – leg. Bill (SB 258). It calls for manufacturers to disclose a product’s ingredients and contaminants in order of concentration. Even cleaning products labeled ‘natural’ or ‘green’ may contain ingredients that can cause health problems.

Manufacturers can use almost any ingredient they choose, including known carcinogens and substances known to pose health or environmental hazards says Bill Allayaud, California director of government affairs for Environmental Working Group.

“Women are still doing the majority of housework and those employed in the housekeeping industry”, said Jamie McConnell, director of programs and policy for Women’s Voices for the Earth. “As a result, women bear the burden of exposure to harmful chemicals in cleaning products that can cause birth defects, asthma, infertility and even cancer.  Studies have shown that toxic chemicals from cleaning products can be found in urine, breast milk and blood – including the umbilical cord blood of newborns.  Sen. Lara’s bill will give women the power to avoid harmful chemicals that many impact their health.”

Calling all Women and Men…won’t you join me in this simple act of ‘Changing Brands’.  What you and I do truly does make a difference!

Here’s just a short list of some of Shaklee’s Environmental Accolades. For more, please visit:

  • 1985 Shaklee was selected by the Wild Dolphin Project to provide environmentally-friendly cleaning products for use onboard their research vessel, Stenella. The Wild Dolphin Project is dedicated to studying the habitat of dolphins and Shaklee’s relationship has continued for 21 years.
  • 1986 Shaklee provided financial support and products for the first recorded, unsupported expedition by dog sled to the North Pole, led by National Geographic award-winning polar explorer, author, and educator Will Steger.
  • 1987 Shaklee was selected by Jacques Cousteau and the Cousteau Society to provide environmentally friendly cleaning products for use onboard their research vessels, the Calypso and Alcyone.
  • 1989 Shaklee helped build schools and health clinics and planted more than one million trees in Asia through a partnership with the American Himalayan Foundation, an organization chaired by Sir Edmund Hillary.
  • 1989-90 Shaklee provided financial and product support for a trans-Antarctica expedition led by Will Steger, which was the first crossing of Antarctica on foot, covering 3,700 miles. Following this expedition, Steger testified before Congress on polar and environmental issues and co-founded the Center for Environmental Education.
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