2022 – Year of the Tiger

What is The Four Pillars of Destiny? Have you ever checked your astrology chart? Or the Farmer’s Almanac? The Four Pillars is a very accurate system based on the 5 element theory. The year, month, day and hour and location of our birth and how the 5 elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water relate to one another. Each of these elements refer to different organs, emotions, sound vibrations, color, health issues, relationships, travel, opportunities etc. We are now in an age period where our ‘true’ Self wants to shine through. Where is the true Self found? …in the Heavenly energies on the day we were born. So this will be a general guideline. 

Here we are in the Year of the Tiger, 2022.  Let’s first look at the energies present, health concerns and one most vitally important action we can take.

What does ‘Yang Water’ over ‘Yang Wood’ mean?  Yang is active, powerful energy.  The Yang Water represents the Heavenly stem; Yang Wood represents the Earthly branches.  Yang Water then represents strong ocean waters and impulsive actions; The Wood (Tiger year), though, desires more positivity and travel.  A yearning for peaceful negotiations when confronted with tense situations.

If you look at the 5 element circle to the right, you’ll see that Water gives birth to Wood (clockwise direction).

Within Wood is some fire and earth energy. And wood gives birth to fire.

Let’s look at the energies of Water and Wood.  If you are a Yang Water person, you are full of energy and sometimes impulsive.

You pursue goals with enthusiasm & determination. You’re in the Company of Beethoven, Bill Gates, Dan Brown, Kate Middleton, Warren Buffet.

A Yang Wood person:  is strong like a tree; sticks to principle and can be quite stubborn, refusing to surrender to pressure.  You can be easily hurt (emotionally).  You’re kind-hearted and honest… just need to be more flexible, willing to compromise.  Britney Spears and Whitney Houston are examples of Yang Wood individuals.

Organs associated with Water are the kidneys and bladder.

Though, wisdom is deep in a Yang Water person, so also is the ability to fall to the depths of despair. 

Organs associated with Wood are the liver and gallbladder.  And though a Yang Wood person can anger easily, you are also full of kindness and compassion. 

Why is 2022 the beginning of a year of hope?  In the five element system, Fire is joy, happiness, optimism.  When the Year of the Dog, 2018, arrived Fire entered the grave. The Year of 2020 was the Year of the Rat, most powerful water element and fire was totally absent. Water element has much fear and despair associated with it.  The color for water is dark grey or black.

Now, in 2022, we have the Wood element (green/blue) with the seed of fire within it.  We begin to feel more positive.  We also feel like traveling.  The Wood element symbolizes growth and activity. 

People will want to exercise and participate in sports.  Due to Water wishing to extinguish Fire and Fire representing our heart and circulatory system, it is important to take supplements like Omegaguard and CoQ Heart. Wood restrains Earth and Earth represents the stomach and digestive system. If you experience more challenges this year, please do consider Probiotics and EZ Gest.

In summary, take one day at a time; feed yourself well ~ mentally, physically, spiritually.  Shut off ‘the noise’ ~ choose ever so carefully: food, company, streaming, radio & tv, screen time. Spend more time in Nature and feel your soul being restored. 

Thoughts are powerful. Let’s stay positive and visualize desired results.  Most of all, consider traveling the road to Inner Peace through meditation.

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