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2018 – Year of the Dog

Have you ever referred to the ‘Farmers’ Almanac’? I know I had consulted it numerous times and always planted my corn in the ‘full of the moon’ in June so it would be ‘knee-high’ by the 4th of July. So what is ‘The Four Pillars of Destiny’? Have you ever checked your astrology chart? The Four Pillars is a very accurate system based on the 5 element theory. The year, month, day and hour and location of our birth and how the 5 elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water relate to one another. Each of these elements refer to different organs, emotions, sound vibrations, color, health issues, relationships, travel, opportunities etc. We are now in an age period where our ‘true’ Self wants to shine through. Where is the true Self found? …in the Heavenly energies on the day we were born. So this will be a general guideline, if you have an interest in knowing more about Self, I invite you to visit Four Pillars Destiny Readings.

Let’s take a look at 2018 – Yang Earth (Heavenly) Yang Earth Dog (Earthly)

You noticed, we’ve got double Earth this year. Normally, that is good & can be harmonizing. However, Yang Earth is strong and inflexible and Yang Earth sitting on top of Yang Earth Dog is like a massive mountain. Individuals as well as nations will find it difficult to compromise leading to more confrontations and clashes. The Dog also relates to spiritual concerns so again, more conflicts around religion and cultural differences. Earth is also associated with landslides, earthquakes, avalanches, and road accidents.

Dog also relates to underground so there could be more archaeology discoveries and subway accidents. The Dog has 3 clashes this year with the Ox in January, the Dragon in April, and the Sheep in July for these are all Earth months,.


Health issues for this year for those individuals whom Earth is not a supportive energy are cancer, diabetes and heart concerns. The Earth element is the stomach, pancreas & spleen. So it is also our muscles and cells. Stomach and digestive issues will be more prevalent with all this heavy Earth energy. When there is too much Earth energy, it is unfavorable and the Dog adds to that equation by ‘taking fire into the grave’. Fire is related to the heart and circulation. This is a very good year to dine with gratitude in a calm environment, meditate, take therapeutic amounts of anti-oxidants and if one’s heart is weak, CoQ10. Most importantly, guard your thoughts: “Never hold a thought on anything you do not want to happen.” Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee.


Fire energy does not return until 2025. Stock market collapses have been in ‘Black October’ which is month of the Dog. Earth is the money element to Wood, so industries like books, education, environmental, paper and fashion should be very good as well as plants and flowers.

Fire gives birth to Earth so if one’s Nature is Fire, this will be a very creative year. As mentioned, it is a heavy Earth year, so just like a Mom with too many little ones to care for, it could also be draining. Practice mindfulness and protect self from becoming overly tired and depressed.


Over-thinking and worry are the emotions of the Earth Element.

Know also that Earth individuals are honest and trustworthy.

If you are an Earth person or know an Earth person, give them added support this year. Husband Terry was born on an Earth day in an Earth year so we are being very pro-active. We both have begun hydro-colon therapy sessions, and he has increased his anti-oxidants*, set an appointment with Dr. Richard Brouse, exercises daily and has greatly decreased his bread consumption. For me, I’m increasing my CoQHeart and staying strong & steady, calm & content. And if you discover some stomach or digestive issues, you may wish to consider digestive enzymes, Probiotics, and our new DI Probiotic, and Stomach Soothing Complex.

*Anti-Oxidants: Vitamin C, Vivix, Vitalizer, Immune Formula I, Carotomax, Flavomax, Vitamin E

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