2017 – Year of the Rooster

This year according to the Chinese calendar is the Year of the Rooster.  This system of tracking time is also so extremely informative on reading a person’s destiny from the data of one’s birth.  I’ve done many charts now and often refer to my own and members of my family when important decisions need to be made.  What makes this system unique is that by examining the year, month, day, hour and location of one’s birth and the elements that have presented at that time – wood, fire, earth, metal, water, we not only know ourselves better, but understand our place in this amazing Universe.  For these 5 elements are the basic components of everything in the Universe.

This year, we find Yin Fire in the Heavenly stems and Yin Metal Rooster in the Earthly branches.  We’ll examine the nature of these elements, the emotions and organs involved, health issues and finances.

In the 5 element theory, there is a ‘giving birth’ cycle and a ‘restraining cycle’.  Fire controls metal.  For example:  heat (fire) is used to shape metal, to sharpen knives, axes etc.  Fire would be the employer; metal the employee and there is often conflict between the two.

Yin Fire is like a candle flame, beautiful, yet unpredictable. One spark could ignite a fire that spreads quickly.  In Chinese, there is a saying: A spark of fire can burn down the field.  So as much as I would like to tell you that this will be a peaceful year, the peace must come from within self.  Fire and metal is a conflicting relationship and we’ll unfortunately see many conflicts this year – international and at home.  Fire, gun battles, and more war will prevail in 2017.

What does the Rooster represent?  It is a strong yin metal element.  Think of jewelry, necklaces and bracelets or beautiful decorative metal.  Yet this beauty is on the outside; the inside?  Very cold.

Yin Fire represents the heart, blood circulation and small intestines. This also affects our brain, nervous system and eyes resulting in more heart attacks and strokes.  Take care of your heart and blood with CoQ Heart and Omegaguard and especially with kind, loving thoughts.

Metal is related to our lungs and large intestines.  So with fire attacking metal (our breathing organ) there could be more flu, respiratory illnesses and skin problems. Keep your immune system strong with Nutriferon and Protein.  Keep dairy products to a minimum.  Keep self well hydrated with nourishing soups and broths.

Do you know any Yin Fire people?  They’re sensitive, kind, warm-hearted and yes, also emotional & sentimental.  A lot of artists & musicians are Yin Fire…very creative and innovative. They can also be nervous and you could say, a bit tense, but also funny liking to joke around.

Yin Fire being heat energy can be prosperity for restaurants and the cooking industry.  Yin Metal is beautiful and relates to beauty, music and fashion. And since the Metal element is money to Fire, other businesses that could be positively affected are energy (as in energy healing), stock market and finance.

In the years when the fire element is present, the stock market is generally favorable as the emotional component to Fire energy is happiness and joy.

After this year, there isn’t any fire element until 2025.

In summary, 2017, Year of the Rooster, symbolizing Yin Fire in the Heavenly stems and Yin Metal Rooster in the Earthly branches brings both optimism and innovation. And due to the conflicting nature of Fire attacking Metal will see conflicts all around us.  Though this may not be a peaceful year, let us remember to find the peace within Self.  Could be a very good year to begin a Yoga practice.

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