“A few months ago I cried out for some serious help from Linda. She came to the rescue. I took the health analysis and I followed the recommendations. My entire body responded in a positive way
– it was amazing!” – Linda C.

“Just wanted to say thanks for all the positive changes you are helping me make both physically and emotionally.  You are a true blessing in my life.”  – Lauren N.

“Our daughter Abby has been a high level competitor for years.  She has been a faithful user of Shaklee and it has helped her tremendously, along with Chiropractic care to be able to stay in the sport.  As a result, she is graduating an entire year early to become a part of the West Virginia University Gymnastics team (a nationally ranked team).  All of her hard work has paid off so much and we are so thrilled that her dreams are coming true.  She was supposed to be a 2017 graduate, however, the coaches asked her if she would come a year early.  Because she has worked so hard in school, she was so far ahead that this could become a reality.” – Kaufman Family (Jeremy, Kelly, Jacob, Abby, Zoe, & Summer – Shaklee members since 1996)

“Thank you for all of the wonderful information. I am so pleased at the “small” changes I am seeing in my body in just a month or so of working with you. Little did I know when I made the decision to call you about using some of Shaklee’s products that I would move from just taking some supplements to making a commitment to MYSELF to improve my health and well being! Your support and coaching have kept me on track and made this process so much easier. It still amazes me that I can look back over the past few weeks and suddenly realize that I have a bit more energy, I’m sleeping better, my sinus congestion is GONE and I’m looking forward to getting off a few pounds and getting my cholesterol under control without the use of statins, or at the very least with a much lower dose.” – Cindae W.

“You don’t know how refreshing it is for me to know I can come to you with any concerns/questions. I guess this is why I was struggling before, just not having the support and knowing if I was doing the right things or not and if they were even working. This is what I feel I’ve needed.” – Jackie M.

“Linda, I appreciate all the help you’ve given me over the years, especially your fast turnaround and detailed nutritional info and explanation.   The miles between us haven’t made a difference in your leadership.”  – Debbie S.

“I can’t thank you enough for all you did to help me get to where I am. In the month before, I was anxious for my little girl’s 1st birthday party because I felt so bad and my body just ached. I was able to really enjoy the 40+ people at our house because of the vitamins – and more importantly enjoy my little girl, my husband and the memories I will always have.” – Bri C.

“I started using the Enfuselle face care a couple months ago and cannot believe I waited this long to try it.  I was using Cetaphyl for years because of my ezcema and found out that Cetaphyl has almost all of the chemical ingredients in it that you are not supposed to use.  Go figure!  Dermatologist recommended…. Hmmmm…. Needless to say I gave the Shaklee line a try and am soooooo loving it.  I pray they never stop making it!” – Kelly K.

“Many thanks for all your guidance this year, Linda.  You have definitely made a difference in my life. Many blessings to you.” – Mary Jane C.

“I totally just trust your judgement. You have guided me since the beginning and have helped me enormously. If you see anything I/we should be doing/adding, please make me aware.” – Ellen D.

Paw_Print“A few weeks ago we had to put down our 13 year old lab. A very sad day. On a positive Shaklee note, the joint health product helped him with his hip arthritis. We first tried other pet supplements but saw no results. So I put him on Shaklee’s glucosamine and it did help him.” – Amy Lynn R.

“Congratulations on your new website and the many achievements and sharing of your gifts.  You are an Earth Angel to many and for that… those that know you say THANK YOU!” – Judi

“I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you have done for me.  It has been a blessing spending time with you.  Your soul seems so pure, making me feel so comfortable being around you.” – R.

Paw_Print“I wanted to thank you very much for your help with our dog Summer.  I had started her on Omega Guard and Probiotic capsules right after I asked you and within a month, she became a brand new and healthy dog!!!  She stopped losing all of her hair and it is now so super soft and shiny.  No more scaly skin either!!!  Also, the probiotic complex has made her stool normal.  She really had a problem with her stools until I started her on that.  She doesn’t have the hiccups anymore either, lol.  She brings us so much love and affection and are just appreciative of what Shaklee has done for her.  I am amazed that Shaklee doesn’t market a pet line.  I feel like they are missing out on something huge there.” – Kelly K.

“You are just the best! I so appreciate all the info you pass along to me! Never in a million years did I think I’d see myself taking my health, or the health of my family so seriously… and I think sometimes it’s hard for people to realize it’s not just ALL oils. It’s not just ALL supplements. It’s not just ALL diet. It’s a mix of all of the above.” – Angela Upright

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